Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wizzing to Gdansk

Have you ever been to Gdansk, Poland?

When we go to our local beach after work, we look out across the Baltic to the general direction of Poland and wonder what it is like. So we are heading there on Friday.
Gdansk is only 1 hour away from here and really quite cheap to get there with Wizz Air.
(Dont you love that name? I always imagine myself Wizzing through the air in a Giant Peach)


  1. Have fun! You're so lucky to be in Europe and able to fly to another country quickly and affordably. :)

  2. i have never been to Poland! like so many places in Europe, it is so picturesque! thank you for sharing some inspiration.
    xox alison

  3. How lucky you are to be able to wizz off to beautiful places like that. Your house is beautiful btw, I have just had a look. What an amazing place you are in right now. You might have to bring some of these photos you are showing and show some of the councils here like you said in a previous post ;0)
    Have fun,
    Ness xx

  4. Hey there. I love your blog. I'm from Sydney and hoping to spend at least a few months in Sweden from May next year. Thanks for posting the 'Inspired by Iceland' video. So awesome - I was in Iceland in 2004 and it was a like a beautiful dream :)

  5. Hi..Yes..I've been to visit Gdansk many years ago when my eldest daughter (who's now nearly forty, she'll kill me for putting that on the internet!)was about nine years old. My husband was working on a Chemical Plant not too far away and we lived in Poland for the duration of his appointment.
    I remember being so moved when we visited the dock where Hitler's ship was moored like a Trojan horse with all his troops in the bowels of the the ship waiting for the order to attack. The massive statues are brilliant, and we were in Poland the time of Lech Walesa political speeches, it was all very exciting!

  6. Haha Wizz Air! love the name!