Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Polish Surprise

If you ever get the chance to go to Gdansk, you MUST!
It is such a beautiful, friendly, historic city and a great surprise.
I am sure it would make a great vist any time, but happily for us, there was a wonderful festival on called St Dominic's Fair.
The whole of the old town turns into a market! Can you imagine my joy?!

The buildings were rebuilt after the second world war as so much was destroyed and they are just incredibly stunning. The colours and the paintings and shapes. I am sad as my photos do them no justice at all, so you must go for yourselves. My jaw nearly hit the ground when we wandered into the town square.


I have been to a lot of flea markets in my time, but these Polish ones are somthing else. So much history, so many stories, so many things I couldn't take home!

This woman made us wonder. She was selling just a few guns and a dagger on a mat on her own. Who's were they? Does she come every week and try to sell them?

Of course there was amber everywhere. A whole street called Amber alley with everything you could make out of amber available, from earings, to boats to clocks.

The street food was sensational and we tried may things we had never tasted before such as zucchini and white chocolate soup, poppy seed fudge, honey vodka, Russian champagne and the biggest sandwiches known to man.

Even the grafitti was cool!


  1. Balazs and I lived in Gdansk for a few months and its such a stunning city but soooo cold in winter...hahaha:) Candy are the best...We love krowka:)


  2. Looks like an awesome market and city!

    Rambles with Reese