Monday, August 23, 2010

A welcoming Doorstep

In the Swedish village where I live, it is very tempting to knock on every door you pass.
They all look so welcoming.
The windows are dressed with plants, statues and open curtains and the door steps are adorned with candles in winter and vases or pots of fresh flowers in spring and summer.
Each season the flowers, wreaths and decorations change.
I think the summer doorsteps are my favourite.

Such a pretty custom.


  1. Love those doors, they seem very inviting indeed

  2. I adore those doors...They really do look very inviting:)

    Kisses and thank you for your amazing comment...:)
    Totally made my day:)
    You are so sweet

    Wish you a wonderful Thursday:)

  3. such lovely doors, love the little custom you mentioned too, i may need to copy it a little. good you meet you and your pretty blog xx

  4. These are so sweet. The Scandinavians do things so well.

    sweet blog!

    Rambles with Reese

  5. I love doors..I collect photos of them and put them in my journal...I'm not sure exactly why,it's something about them beckoning one somehow!