Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story book cottage

This really is a house of dreams to me. It is on a tiny crooked road with 10 or so other thatch roofed cottages, overlooking the Baltic Sea, a short drive from my village.
It has all the essential cottage flowers in its garden and I just know that hedgehogs and fairies roam freely.


  1. Sounds wonderful ...Love the front door!

  2. How pretty, love thatched cottages and that rustic look. You have a wonderful blog, I'm off to take a look around it now, but I'll be stopping by from now on :)

    All things nice...

  3. How cute!!! It looks so quaint. That door is amazing.

  4. How charming! Looks like something out of a picture book.

  5. Now I'm sooooo curious about what will be behind that gorgeous door!
    Have a happy Sunday. xx

  6. wow, wow, wow! I love all the photos on your blog!
    these doorway are AMAZING, i love the way they all have little flowers on the doorstep, wish we all did that in London. Suppose someone would pinch them or a dog would pee on them or something!!

    your blog is great! X