Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roses galore

The roses are so beautiful in our garden this year, I just had to show you.

After short bursts of summer rain,

they look even more beautiful, covered in jewels.

The roses greet us each time we step outside

and look up at us when we look out of the window.

They keep us company when we eat in the garden

and when the ancient church bells next door ring on the hour,

the roses seem to hum in time and marvel as I do.


  1. Beautiful roses, love the way you shot your pictures.

  2. this looks like a fairy tale!!

  3. Fabulous images Amber! Sadly we have no really sunny spot in our Hills garden for roses, so I'm drooling at yours. Its a freezing cold, icy, grey day here today.
    Millie ^_^