Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream Swedish Hotel

The treehouse hotel!
A new hotel in Sweden's Lapland.
How AMAZING is this room!?
I think this photo was taken at 3am!
Check out the website for the UFO room, the CUBE and the NEST.


Great quotes from their website...

"It is important that we find another way to value the forest, rather than to cut the trees for industrial use. This Boreal forest is one of the Earth’s lungs. We need to look after it."

"To prevent birds colliding with the tree hotel, a infrared film, visible for birds only, will be laminated into the glass panes."

"Access to the room is by rope bridge"

Another good article about the hotel here.

There are some amazing people out there I tell you.

Thanks Cup of Jo for discovery.


  1. Welcome back, Amber! So good to see you again. (Or, to read you.)
    Love this treehouse. I can't wait to visit the link.
    Hope you're enjoying the summer,

  2. What a wonderful hotel! I'd love to stay there.
    You have a lovely blog! I'm trying to follow but google won't let me at the moment. I'll be back to try again!