Friday, July 16, 2010

Who do you write like?

Have you discovered this amazing website?
You write a prose/paragraph of a story/random thoughts into the box and it tells you who you write like.
I wrote a few different paragraphs from different stories I have writen over the years and each time it told me I write like J.D.Salinger.
I had heard so much about 'Catcher in the Rye' over the years and had never read it.
For some weird reason it was really important to me where I found the book.
I didn't want to walk into a library and borrow it.
I wanted to own it.
Own a second hand copy.
Don't ask me why.
Anyway, last year when I was wandering around a little corner of Greenwich Village in NewYork, there was this funky old man selling crates full of old books.
My eyes fell on the first book I saw and there it was.
My copy of Catcher in the Rye.
Have a go! Tell me who you write like.
P.S. Thanks English Muse for the link!


  1. Hi Amber
    That was fun! I am a cross between Margaret Mitchell and David Foster Wallace...very interesting! I love that you found your book in a market in Greenwich Village....even better that it is has travelled thru so many hands...imagine the lives that have touched your book. Great makings for a book I'd say...

    Thanks for your comment today!

    Jeanne :)

  2. Hi Amber,
    Great link. Had to try it. Im a mix between James Joyce, Dan Brown and Leo Tolstoy ... The pain truth why Im not a bookwriter :)
    Have great weekend.

  3. cool I'm going to head over there now! Happy wknd! xoxo

  4. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! :)

    Now I'm going to take a look around here at your "place"...


  5. saw this

    and thought of you amber... might make you stand out in the crowd! j x