Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing Uppsala

Uppsala is the name of my new bike.
She rides like a dream and although she only has 1 gear,
I can fly up hills without my little pins aching and giving up.
Her chain guard is probably her most magnificent feature, but I also love her
wings and her secret compartment which can hold keys, money
and any treasures I may find along the way.
Can you guess where it is?
She is a Hermes bike.
Apparently one of the first Swedish bike brands and made in Uppsla
(a university town above Stockholm) until the 1930's.
Does that mean she is that old?
I was thinking she was from the 50's or 60's??
Does anyone know anything about these bikes?
Oh, and as we are discussing bikes (again!),
here is a fantastic film.
City Councils- Please watch, be inspired, evolve!
I get so inspired and excited when I see footage like this and dream that one day all cities will be as safe and peaceful and as clever as Copenhagen.


  1. hi Amber,

    What a beauty!
    Think the museum next to our shop would know about your bike. They have lots of old bikes there.

  2. Love it! What personality :)

  3. Wow, love the details on her. Ugh...I really need to get a bike this week.

  4. Hi, this is anna from "Cycling is good for you". Really lovely bike you have here. Unfortunately I'm not an expert on old bikes. But there are some nice old bikes around in Austria -- "Waffenrad" by Steyr. Velouria rides one of those (although a newer version), and here are some pictures.

  5. I love it! The little swirly details on it are fabulous. What a great bike!!

  6. Photos of Uppsala (though not as good as your bike)

  7. I don't know anything about the bikes, but your bike sure is beautiful!

  8. My God ... that chain guard is a work of art!
    Did you try and contact Mikael at Copenhagenize? He may know more about your bike. Or he may know someone who does.

    I missed something here ... when and where did your Batavas get stolen?

  9. This is Swedish bicycle Hermes 193* year.
    I have same bike made in 1939