Thursday, July 15, 2010

Biking to the Beach- why wouldn't you?

Don't you just love these photos of beaches in Copenhagen from Copenhagenize ?

So many bikes!!!

The beaches and the streets and the forests and every inch almost of Copenhagen is filled with people on bikes. It is so peaceful and relaxing. You feel at one with the city and really appreciate the little things, rather than wizzing past them and yelling at the traffic lights. You remember to breathe and smile at fellow bikers and feel the wind on your face.

I really love it.

...although finding a spare bike rack can be a challenge!

But how beautiful are these bike racks?

I would put them everywhere back home if I were a town planner. They are like gorgeous, practical sculptures.
Any Adelaide City Council members reading this??

Thank you so much to Katie at You + Me for the above clip. Brilliant!


  1. Well, Amber, I'm not a member of the Adelaide City Council--indeed, I live in Washington, DC. But I wanted to thank you for your comment on bricolage re: the circus. I came over to urge you to take some shots, please please. And share them with us. I'll follow you immediately. And now I'm intrigued about your sojourn in Sweden & why it is ending...

    (I love Copenhagenize, too.)

    Everything here is so very pretty. Hope to hear that circus photographs forthcoming. Please? OK. I'll stop begging now.



  2. amazing! have you seen this video of bike traffic on youtube? wish it was like this in the states!

  3. Thanks for your comments in my blog. :O)

  4. so lovely to see you back amber, i was wondering were you where! oh this makes me miss home so much... cycling everywhere. take care x

  5. I just moved to Berlin and I'm obsessed with getting a bike--one of my first trips would definitely be to one of the lakes on a hot day.