Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elderflower cordial

The elderflowers are blooming in Southern Sweden at the moment and the smell is delicate and sweet. Making elderflower cordial is an incredibly easy and satisfying way to use these pretty flowers.

First, you must go and find a Elderflower tree and pick 20 or so flower heads.
Always thank the tree after.

This tree just outside our garden is perfect.

Leave the flowers prettily watching you as you pour a litre and a half or so of boiling water over just under half a kilo of sugar. I use brown sugar as I prefer the flavour, but if you prefer the summery look of clear drinks, go for white.

Leave this to cool and go and read an incredibly inspiring book, or pick some flowers in the garden for your bedroom.
When you get back, squeeze half a lemon into the sugar water and slices of another lemon and the Elderflower heads.
Isn't it looking beautiful?
Leave for a few days covered in a cloth, stir occasionally. Taste is as you go and when you think it is ready, strain through a teatowel.
Pour some into a sterilised bottle for later and some into a jug with ice and lemon slices to enjoy in the sun.


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  1. I love how the flowers are watching you work. Looks so pretty and delicious