Sunday, July 11, 2010

This weeks flea market finds

I must say I am feeling particularly smug about my flea market finds this week. Arent these dresses from Fredrikberg Market in Copenhagen just beautiful?
And for 25 kroner each!!! That's just crazy.
The Noa Noa dress is so beautiful and fits perfectly. It is one of my favourite Danish designs, but not one I buy from too often.
The others are another Danish design called Braans Bazaar.
This skirt also fits like it was made for me and better yet, it has wild geese flying across it!
Just like the ones that fly over our pink house in August.
It is from St-Martins Scandinavian Design and cost me 35 kroner! Dumbfounded!
After the treasures bought in Denmark, we trained it back across the bridge to our beloved Sweden and bright and early in the morning, I fought the crowds at a few Skane flea markets.
I tell you, don't get in the way of a Swedish woman looking for a bargain-Ouch!
The woden spoons were just too sweet to leave neglected on the bricabrac table and a dear old women kept finding more and more for me.
The cloth came on a beautiful old roll and called out to be made into a skirt.
I then went on a bit of a embroidery frenzy and just couldnt stop buying these beauties.
They were so cheap and so beautiful.
Imagine the hours of work in each one and don't you think they will make lovely bags or cushions?
Lastly, I bought this gorgeous blue fabric, just perfect for our bbq party that night. I also got 3 other cloths which are currently being used as picnic blankets at the beach and lake each night, but may get made into a bedspread back in Australia I think.
Only 5 more sleeps until the next market!

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