Monday, May 11, 2009

A very Swedish Weekend

I drove to my friends house in Halmstad this weekend.
Her garden is looking amazing and her house to me is the
quintessential Swedish house.
I adore it.
We ate beautiful food, drank wine and played games.
After a beach walk and a smell of her bee hives I drove home...
...via the canola seed meadows and churches...
to a gorgeous National Park called Söderåsen...
where I walked among the trees, ate rhubarb pie...
and enjoyed the sunshine...
... before heading home to a newly weeded garden
(thank you M and B!!!)
and to my gorgeous new/old chair
which I picked up on the way for 150sek!


  1. Seems like a perfect weekend. I would love to visit Sweden in the spring/summer and see something else other than Stockholm (which is gorgeous under the summer sun).

  2. Thank you for this beautiful day. It has made mine just that much brighter!

  3. Oh, the rhubarb pie!! YUM!!! My absolute favourite in the infinite world of pies:D

  4. What an absolutely perfect day. And what simply gorgeous food your friend made! Inspiring!

  5. beautiful images and i love the old chair! sweet blog!

  6. Your photos are making me want to put Sweden at the top of my travel list--it looks like a wonderful place. Loved reading through your blog.


  7. Lovely Sweden.
    You have captured it perfecty :-)