Thursday, May 7, 2009

Springtime in 3 towns

2 weeks ago I was in London and all of the tulips and blossom was out in the parks. It is hard to imagine at times as you sit gazing at the flowers in the warm sun, bees buzzing around you, that you are in a huge, bustling city.

The same can be said for Stockholm, where the city is overwhelmingly beautiful with tulips and spring bulbs at this time of the year.

The tulips are out in Simrishamn too and the town is just full of great big pots of them. Below are some comparison photos of the three towns.

I hope you enjoy them!

Simrishamn town centre

Stockholm town centre

London town centre

Gamla Simrishamn

Gamla Stockholm

Gamla London

Stockholm park

Simrishamn Park

London Park


  1. so cute, wonderful comparison.... did you do it on purpose or was a coincident? anyway!
    Have a great day :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the comment, I hope you score some kitty cuddles soon, they are good for the soul!

  3. wow, look at all these tulips!! So pretty!

  4. The Tulips are just spectacular! Such a welcome sight in the city.

  5. Spring is my favourite season - it feels so hopeful!

    Ps. London?? Vacation? Gotta love my old hometown.

    Be well

  6. Hello Amber!
    This reminded me of the Chelsea Flower Show in London... I went there last year but couldn't get tickets - Sold out!

    Thank you much for sharing these beauties! :-)***

  7. ugh i LOVE spring! so gorgeous and fresh to pull everyone out of that winter funk. great photos

  8. Hi there from Noosa Qld,
    I love your photos but am having trouble reading the faint text.
    The flowers are gorgeous thank you
    Happy days

  9. Pretty! We are just coming into Winter in New Zealand so it's all pretty and autumnal here but i'm really cold! i want spring and pretty flowers like this!

  10. Amber, thanks so much for such a lovely tour! Yours pics are fabuluous. It is cold & miserable in the Hills now, the fire is blazing down stairs & MOTH has the Scotch bottle out(purely for medicinal purposes he reckons!)
    Millie ^_^