Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking for a Teepee, finding inspiration

Ever since I slept in my friends teepee, I have desperately wanted one of my own. They are jolly expensive though so I need a secondhandy to come my way I think.

We do often camp out, but I have to say, our tent is not usually this romantic looking. I just love these photos by andrew and carissa. Do yourself a favour and check out their blog. It is just so amazing and inspiring. Scroll through a few pages and see their last years christmas video. I adore, adore it. Also their one this year will bring a tear to the eye. Thanks rockstar diaries for the heads up!

PS Let me know if you see any teepees for sale!


  1. Oh Amber! I was just checking my Facebook page and I was looking at a pic my daughter had put up of her children's play room I was thinking I could make a teepee to go in the that could be folded up when not in use. Then I come to blogger and here you are with a post about teepees! I think the one I have in mind is a cross between the 'real' one and the romantic one you featured. Coincidences! Love them.

  2. Hi Amber, thank you for calling by, these are such romantic pictures! I can so understand looking at these why you are on the look out for a Teepee. My husband used to go camping a lot before we met,a thing I have to say I've never done myself. Ah well I can dream!
    Off to follow the link you provided....

    Hugs to you, Jane

  3. Hi Amber, what a lovely pictures! So romantic... I will check that link.
    Some time ago I was thinking about making one teeppe for my kids. I am a DIY person... They cannot be difficult. For the first one I can even imagine a patchwork teepee. That would look fantastic!