Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Midsummer!

Midsummer was magical this year, if only because it didn't rain! The Swedes were out in force in our little neighbouring village, where we gathered to eat midsummer strawberry cake and dance around a giant fertility pole.

The children and the women wore flower crowns and having some friends over in the morning to make them in our garden was a special way to start the weekend.

The weekend continued to be heavenly, with a trip up north to camp in a forest on the Archipeligo.

We found a beautiful, secluded spot where we could frolick like nympths and swim, ride and dance.

If only every day could be Midsummer...


  1. What fun! Flower poles and wreaths and nymph-like dances seem so magical... Unfortunately, we don't celebrate midsummer here in the U.S. (but today is our Independence Day holiday)

  2. what a beautiful celebration!

  3. These flower crowns are so cute! Really lovely
    Thanks for your comment on my blog - My programmer set up some kind of complex upload site so I can upload the images and then paste a URL. Sadly I'm not that computer literate!!