Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can it be true?

I just can't believe we leave all of this in 1 month's time.

Our Swedish adventure is coming to an end and it makes
me so sad.

The beauty of Sweden has blown me away.

Our harbour, our town, our friends, our jobs, our forests

will all be so very sorely missed.

Luckily our bikes come with us!

I know I will never be able to replicate the Swedish gardens
in my dry state of South Australia,

but I will certainly try.

Thank you Sweden for your open arms and intense beauty.
We will keep it in our hearts forever.


  1. so sad... you will carry those memories with you forever. enjoy the rest! x

  2. Mmm,lovely memories and no regrets - what a great way to have to leave one of life's stop-off places. You will have lots of new adventures I'm sure. And because so many of your family and friends have shared your Swedish experiences, you can laugh and enjoy those wonderful memories with them for years to come.

    In the meantime, only a few more weeks until our New Orleans adventure and then we can share more of life with you back here in South Australia.

    Much love...

    Much love

  3. Dearest, It has been a wonderful year working with you in Simrishamn. Always a good laugh, even on those days when we were smacked with work and felt the world would drop down on us!I will miss my "extra brain" and your voice while singing along with the radio.
    Someone once said, Friends come into your life for a short while to serve a purpose and others enter your life to stay there forever! I beleive you have entered mine to stay forever!

  4. Darling,

    I can just imagine how you are feeling as Sweden and its people are so beautiful but you are coming home to another beautiful country and many, many loving family and friends. We have missed you both so much and are counting the days until you return to us safe and sound.
    My Swedish days with you are some of the best memories of my life.
    Give Sweden a huge hug for me please and one for both of you.

    Your loving, Mum xxxxx

  5. Hi Amber, Really love your beautiful photos and the wonderful art you share. What a magical time you and Taras have had. I love hearing of your adventures via Dallas and I look forward to hearing more when you return. It will be great to have your brightness popping in ot ELS from time to time. Happy travels back. Marie McC

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