Monday, August 3, 2009

There's something so special about a girl and her mum enjoying Sweden in the best month of the year and having the time to explore it all.

To spend time in the garden, reading, chatting and eating.

To admire everyones gardens and smell the air, so full of scent.

To be able to bike ride all over Skåne and Copenhagen,

and have picnics on the Baltic

To walk and horse ride through the forests picking and stringing rasberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries.

I feel blessed indeed.


  1. Just found your lovely blog...your images are amazing....I so so so adore the red clogs..I have a pair just like that...only in blue! I am off to visit some more of your past posts because your images make my heart happy!!!!! Will be back because I am now a follower!

  2. What fabulous photos! Love to join you for that picnic, what a wonderful spread in a wonderful spot!

  3. What an adorable blog, full of all good things.

  4. Hello beautiful daughter, you have an amazing ability to "frame" a photo. The foreground, middle distance and background distance are always so interesting as completely separate parts, yet so well integrated and linked. These latest photos are great examples of how to make a complete photo interesting and compelling. Luv you

  5. those berries look so delicious!
    i love your blog btw. :)

  6. What a life, indeed! Live it up, girl!

  7. such charming, whimsical happy pictures

  8. See Amber - you don't need the Adelaide Hills to enjoy a perfect day! Loved your Dad's comment's, although it sounded a little like a school report card, but very sweet just the same!
    Millie ^_^

  9. What a lovely post, all about one of my favourite places. Just discovered your blog, it's great- really interesting.