Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seeing Red

I've noticed a bit of a red theme in my photos these days.

Red is for happiness, red is for good luck, red is for love.

Red was an expensive color in 17th-century France
because at the time, the dye was made from a little bug
found in Mexican cactus, the cochineal.

In some cultures, the privilege of wearing red
was reserved exclusively for the powerful...

but non-nobles broke the rules all the time,
some Japanese lined their kimonos
in the forbidden colour or even wore red underwear!

Red can be a naughty color,
think red-light districts and bordellos.

But I like red because quite simply,
it brings happiness to my days.


  1. hmmmmm red, divine!

  2. oh, you have such a beautiful blog!!!! love, love, love it! (and those rose hips! wow)
    do you want to exchange links!?

  3. I love these images, especially the one at the top. Are those lanterns?

  4. Thanks for the beautiful comments! I would love to exchange links but I dont really know what that means!! Sorry, I am new at all of this! Please share your secrets!

    They are lanterns. Arent they superb. A beautiful, empty out door patio in Copenhagen.