Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feeling French

We watched Marie Antoinette again on the weekend,
I dont know if it's because of that,
or from gazing and gazing at the goreous English Muse and

but I am feeling all French today!

I just love the clothes...

strumpet and pink

Cherry Blossom Girl

Not sure!
... the flowers...

Cherry Blossom Girl

...the art...

Amber- Random French Bistro

..and of course, the food and drinks...

The English Muse

Amber- Amsterdam
Amber- Epernay

Amber- Beaune

Amber- Epernay

Hmmm, I think I will have to try to get there this summer...


  1. Hi Amber
    thanks for stopping by my blog. You certainly are a long way from home, what a fantastic experience.
    Funny but I'm feeling a bit French myself lately, I'm immersed in a great book called La Vie Parisienne - an Aussie journalist writing about living in Paris.
    Lovely blog, I'll be back again.

  2. We're going back to Paris in May...and I can't wait to hit Laduree, Berthillon, and many other patisseries & boulangeries & brasseries!