Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things to love about Simrishamn in Winter

Walks through the town when the snow is falling and
the streets are quiet.

Mysterious paw prints in the garden every morning.

Divine houses.

When even the ordinary looks beautiful.

Reading in bed, in the bath, on the couch...

Night walks through the forests.

Candles, Candles everywhere!


  1. I love the photos, the inspiration... Very nice! Have you tried feeding the wild birds? Many of the migrant birds will pass your area.

  2. From Sudanesecat,
    Hi Amber, trust you not to hibernate and walk thro' the wintery streets and see beauty everywhere including PUSSIES IN WINDOWS [of the beautifull feline variety.]
    I love the flower fairies...........how creative.
    Love your blog, great idea, feel I'm there without the freezing temperature. Beautifull photos, very ARTISTIC, I feel an exhibition coming on.
    Love and Peace.

  3. Love the blog. I can understand why you got an award it is truely creative and a positive view of life. The one BIG THING MISSING .......CATS.
    I would love to see an expose on cats you know and those you don't.....large, medium and small and baby ones. This would enhance what is happening here.
    From Tigress.